As well as an independent musician, I write soundtracks and scores for film and television. My first soundtrack was for a BAFTA nominated writer and director which is set for release in the near future.

I am an established songwriter for my own band and others and can provide you with high quality compositions. Having been compared to Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac and Jimi Hendrix, I write excellent material that is highly regarded among others. Specializing in blues, pop, rock, alternative, psychedelic and acoustic genres, I can also provide any visuals you may have with top quality soundtracks.

If you are looking for a composer for a film or TV project then don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am experienced songwriter and provide the best services.

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I have extensive experience in mixing and mastering having worked with a number of artists as well as my own work. If you need a single song mixed and mastered or an entire album then the quality found in my work speaks volumes. Influenced by 1960’s music and producers of the time like George Martin, Eddie Kramer, Tom Dowd and Jimmy Miller, there is a freshness to my work that takes you back to what many consider to be the most expressive and exciting decade in musical history while still incorporating a modern and contemporary feel.

I use Logic Studio 9 on a state of the art Apple iMac computer for the best quality recordings.

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