INTERVIEW: Willie Perkins

While writing a previous article on the three nights The Allman Brothers Band played at Fillmore East in March 1971, I spoke to Willie Perkins who was the road manager for the band between 1970-76 and 1983-89. It was an honour to talk with him and I thank Willie for taking the time to answer some questions.

When was the decision made to record a live album at Fillmore East in March ’71?

Probably late 1970. The two earliest albums while well received had not met sales expectations. It was felt a live concert recording would capture the true essence of the band and it did.

Who made the decision to invite the horns to play with the band?

Horns were a band decision. The two players, friends of Jaimoe, had performed live with the band at several concerts previously.

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Three Nights At Fillmore East: An Insight Into The Allman Brothers Band

The date was the 11th March 1971, and The Allman Brothers Band were in New York City to begin their three night stand at the legendary Fillmore East on Second Avenue near East 6th Street. Out of these shows would come the greatest live album ever released, At Fillmore East. The venue itself needs no introduction, it was simply where music royalty came to play.

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