OPINION PIECE #6: Beatles Albums Ranked

The Beatles are one of my favourite bands so I thought I’d have a go at ranking their studio albums. There were eleven in total, not including Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine which aren’t considered “proper” albums or the US only releases that many of you reading this will know. The eleven albums that follow are their major albums, and the ranking is my opinion only. I go from “worst” to best. Let me know your thoughts.

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The Beatles Isolated Drum Track: Revolution

A few weeks ago I shared the isolated guitar track from Revolution and this time focus turns to the drums. As I’ve said countless times before, Ringo is an extremely underrated drummer and being able to hear his drumming in an isolated form really opens it up to the point where you can really appreciate his greatness. Take a listen:

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The Beatles Isolated Bass & Drum Track: Dear Prudence

Recorded between the 28th-30th August 1968, Dear Prudence is a song written in India by John whilst the band were visiting the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The song is about Mia Farrow’s sister, Prudence, who holed herself up in her room the entire visit in deep meditation. It’s one of the more beautiful songs on the White Album, helped by a new guitar technique that John was taught by Donovan during the visit. What we have below isn’t the guitar though, but the isolated bass and drum tracks from the song.

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Eric Clapton Isolated Guitar: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

After posting an article a few weeks ago focusing on the isolated guitar tracks from Layla, I thought I’d do the same with another song featuring another one of Eric Clapton’s most recognisable guitar solos, While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Before Eric was asked by George to record the solo, George himself had recorded multiple takes himself which included a backwards guitar solo (like in I’m Only Sleeping). However George wasn’t satisfied with the results and managed to convince Eric to come to the studio and record the solo. The guitar Eric used was actually one he had given George roughly around August 1968, a beautiful red 1957 Gibson Les Paul. Lucy.

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