Did You See Derek And The Dominos At Any Of These Shows?

As you all know I am writing what will be the most in-depth biography on Derek and the Dominos ever written. It’s going well and every day that passes is a day closer to completion. As well as a biography the book will feature a wealth of information concerning the shows they played as a band, every single one of them, and I’m looking to talk to people who saw them at their shows. Even though I’ve spoken to hundreds and hundreds of people already I’m always looking to talk to more. So:

I’m looking to talk to people who attended the following Derek and the Dominos shows. For many of them I’ve already spoken to people but as with anything, the more the merrier! So if you did, or know anyone who did, please get in touch. Thank you very much and thank you for your ongoing support.


UK (1970)

  • The Place, Stoke-On-Trent, England // 2nd August
  • Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle, England // 7th August
  • Speakeasy, London, England // 12th August
  • Tofts Club, Folkestone, England // 15th August
  • Pavilion, Bournemouth, England // 18th August
  • Fairfield Halls, Croydon, England // 20th September
  • Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England // 28th September
  • Coatham Bowl, Redcar, England // 4th October
  • Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, England // 7th October

USA (1970)

  • Electric Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania // 17th October
  • Civic Auditorium, Jacksonville, Florida // 1st November
  • University Of Reno, Nevada // 13th November
  • Fairgrounds Coliseum, Salt Lake City, Utah // 14th November
  • Community Theatre, Berkeley, California // 18th & 19th November
  • Allen Theater, Cleveland, Ohio // 29th November

Derek and the Dominos: Fillmore East Photo Misconceptions

Ever since the In Concert live album was released in 1973, people have always associated the photos that featured on the back cover of the record as photos taken at the Fillmore East. However this is not the case at all. Those photos were actually taken towards the end of the US tour at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, on the 4th December 1970. The Fillmore East shows on the 23rd and 24th October 1970 took place roughly a week after the start of the Dominos’ US tour and at that time, Eric didn’t have a beard. The photos that have been associated with the Fillmore East album show Eric with a full beard and this is wrong.

The band played two days at Fillmore East in October with two shows on each day. They did the same at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester and as a result, multiple photos exist from each of the shows. The ones I have posted below are considered the most famous and well known shots.

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