SONG REVIEW: The Rentals – Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad

The Rentals have long been one of my all time favourite bands and up until 2014 I didn’t think we’d hear from them again. Then, their third album Lost In Alphaville dropped which saw them return to their incredible form of the mid-90’s. Three years later a new song Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad has been released with plans for a fourth album in 2018. Take a listen:

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The Beatles Isolated Drum Track: Ticket To Ride

Released as a single in April 1965, Ticket To Ride hit #1 in the UK and USA and remained there for consecutive weeks. When you think of the song it’s probably not Ringo’s drumming that stands out the most, instead perhaps John’s vocals or George’s lead guitar work. But the following isolated track of the drums reveal Ringo’s steady drumming as the concrete foundation that all Beatles songs were built on. Check it out:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Chuck Berry – Chuck

album_art-1Chuck Berry passed away on the 18th March of this year and his final gift to the world was a new album, released on the 9th June. It had been 38 years since his previous album Rock It was released in 1979 with Berry focusing more on live work since then, so when news broke before his passing that he was working on a new album I was ecstatic.

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