CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES #17: The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

sgt-peppers-lonely-hearts-club-band-55e7643f11588What is there to say about the Sgt. Pepper album that hasn’t already been said? Widely seen as the best album ever recorded, the songs found within contain the kind of musical magic that only comes around once in a lifetime. It’s difficult to think of another studio album that has last such a lasting impression on millions and millions of listeners the world over. What The Beatles did on this album was revolutionise music and it would never be the same again.

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OPINION PIECE #6: Beatles Albums Ranked

The Beatles are one of my favourite bands so I thought I’d have a go at ranking their studio albums. There were eleven in total, not including Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine which aren’t considered “proper” albums or the US only releases that many of you reading this will know. The eleven albums that follow are their major albums, and the ranking is my opinion only. I go from “worst” to best. Let me know your thoughts.

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CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES #5: The Beatles – Revolver

revolver-54883ce38e623Recorded between the 6th April and 21st June 1966 and released on the 5th August 1966, Revolver continues to be of the finest records ever made by any band. The wealth of music featured in it’s 34 minutes and 43 seconds running time is nothing short of magnificent, with Lennon and McCartney at their very best when it comes to songwriting. As it hits 50, I take a look back at this fantastic album for my CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES #5 instalment.

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The Beatles Isolated Drum Track: Taxman

When it comes to drummers I don’t think there’s one as underrated as Ringo Starr, at least when it comes to public perception. However listening to Ringo’s drumming in the form of an isolated track is the best way to fully understand his ability and and contributions in The Beatles. What we have here is his isolated drum track from Taxman. Enjoy! Continue reading