SONG REVIEW: John Mayer – Love On The Weekend

John Mayer’s first single since 2013 has dropped (not counting XO in 2014) and it’s like that country period that included his two previous studio albums never happened. Not that I dislike that period in any way at all of course, but this new single takes Mayer back to his brilliant pop music best. Take a listen:

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EP REVIEW: Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia

12239135_10156201108870545_1945821508595773683_oRecorded in the The Saint Cecilia Hotel in Austin, Texas, the entire EP came about naturally. The band eyed up playing in a studio next door but the staff at the hotel insisted they could record in the hotel itself. The bar, the office, the kitchen, the bathroom, wherever they wanted. So they did. The result is a 5 track EP called Saint Cecilia.

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