OPINION PIECE #12: Wings Albums Ranked

There’s a lot of fun to be had putting together ranking lists as I have done before with The Beatles and Cream, so I thought I’d do the same again but with Wings. Wings are a band that some people make fun of these days but I personally love them, with McCartney continuing his excellent songwriting he started with The Beatles. The two bands can’t be compared for obvious reasons, but I love Wings and their seven albums, so here is my ranking from least favourite to favourite.

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Paul McCartney Isolated Vocal Track: Monkberry Moon Delight

Monkberry Moon Delight is a song from McCartney’s second solo album RAM and features an incredibly powerful vocal performance from the man himself. It’s a great track but the vocals really stand out the most, so what we have in this article are the isolated vocal tracks in their entirety including Linda’s backing vocals. Take a listen:

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Paul McCartney & Wings Isolated Vocal Track: Band On The Run

Released in December 1973, Band On The Run was in many ways the breakthrough album that Paul McCartney needed after the breakup of the Beatles three years earlier. In that time he would release three albums (McCartney, RAM, Wild Life & Red Rose Speedway) but none of them would gain as much critical acclaim as Band On The Run. The title track is one of the albums many highlights and the following is the isolated vocal track from the song.

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Paul McCartney Isolated Tracks: Maybe I’m Amazed

The next instalment of my Isolated Tracks series focuses on one of Paul McCartney’s all time best songs which featured on his 1970 album McCartney. Maybe I’m Amazed is certainly the stand out track from his debut solo album, although songs like That Would Be Something, Every Night, Junk and Teddy Boy are certainly stand out songs too. But Maybe I’m Amazed has it all.

The vocal part of this song is arguably one of the best he ever laid down on any track and hearing it isolated away from the other instruments is quite remarkable and gives it even more power than it has in the standard song. The chorus in particular never fails to send a tingle down the spine so hearing it stripped away like this is amazing.

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