When it comes to the greatest vocal performances of all time, Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney is near the top of my list. The raw emotion of his vocals during this song is absolutely sublime and being able to hear them in isolated form is one hell of an experience. Take a listen:

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CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES #20: Paul McCartney – McCartney

mccartney-50f38f2c9e19aOn the 17th April 1970, Paul McCartney stepped out of the shadow of The Beatles with his first solo album McCartney. It was unlike anything he had done before and as a result received a lot of criticism across the board. At the time, of course, the breakup of The Beatles was still fresh in peoples minds and McCartney received (unfairly) a lot of the blame. But this album set him on a  course away from The Beatles and their legacy and in my opinion it is one of the best solo albums to be released by any member of The Beatles.

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Paul McCartney Isolated Tracks: Maybe I’m Amazed

The next instalment of my Isolated Tracks series focuses on one of Paul McCartney’s all time best songs which featured on his 1970 album McCartney. Maybe I’m Amazed is certainly the stand out track from his debut solo album, although songs like That Would Be Something, Every Night, Junk and Teddy Boy are certainly stand out songs too. But Maybe I’m Amazed has it all.

The vocal part of this song is arguably one of the best he ever laid down on any track and hearing it isolated away from the other instruments is quite remarkable and gives it even more power than it has in the standard song. The chorus in particular never fails to send a tingle down the spine so hearing it stripped away like this is amazing.

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