When it comes to the greatest vocal performances of all time, Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney is near the top of my list. The raw emotion of his vocals during this song is absolutely sublime and being able to hear them in isolated form is one hell of an experience. Take a listen:

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The Beatles Isolated Drum Track: Come Together

The opening song from Abbey Road is one of John’s finest moments on the album and I previously posted an isolated track article earlier this year featuring his isolated vocals from the song. However this article focuses instead on Ringo and his superb drumming. Below you can hear the full isolated drum track in its full glory. Take a listen:

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Janis Joplin Isolated Vocal Track: Move Over

When you think of the most unique and recognisable voices of all time, Janis Joplin is certainly near the top of the list. Her voice was a one of a kind and to this day stands out from any other female vocalist in the history of music, accept perhaps for Aretha Franklin. What we have in this article is her isolated vocal track from the song Move Over from her Pearl album. Take a listen:

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