The Beatles Isolated Guitar Track: Revolution

Revolution 1 is one of my favourite songs on The White Album which was later reworked into a faster, rougher version for a single. The guitar found in the single version is as loud and raw as The Beatles ever played with a tone that can cut through anything. Below is the full guitar track(s) from the song in isolated form. Hold on to something and take a listen:

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The Jimi Hendrix Experience Isolated Guitar Track: Wait Until Tomorrow

Released on their 1967 album Axis: Bold As LoveWait Until Tomorrow features some of the best rhythm guitar you’ll ever hear, period. The sound, the tone, the playing could only be Hendrix. What we have in this article is the full isolated guitar track and it is incredible. Take a listen:

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The Rolling Stones Isolated Vocal Track: Honky Tonk Women

Released as a single in 1969, the first to feature new guitarist Mick Taylor, Honky Tonk Women showed the world that the Stones had evolved since 1968’s Beggar’s Banquet. The song is probably most well known for featuring that incredible opening guitar riff but the vocals and the lyrics are themselves fantastic. What we have in this article are the isolated vocals from the entire song. Take a listen.

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