ALBUM REVIEW: Jimi Hendrix – Both Sides Of The Sky

both-sides-of-the-sky-5aad6097e4027There have been almost countless posthumous Hendrix releases since his death in 1970, and Both Sides Of The Sky is the latest compilation album that features previously unheard outtakes. There are people who complain every time one of these is released and I do understand why, but for a completist like myself, hearing new takes of songs doesn’t get old in the slightest. Hendrix is Hendrix. He wasn’t around for very long so anything new that comes out I’m going to instantly love. This is no different.

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The Jimi Hendrix Experience Isolated Guitar Track: Wait Until Tomorrow

Released on their 1967 album Axis: Bold As LoveWait Until Tomorrow features some of the best rhythm guitar you’ll ever hear, period. The sound, the tone, the playing could only be Hendrix. What we have in this article is the full isolated guitar track and it is incredible. Take a listen:

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