OPINION PIECE #10: Cream Albums Ranked

Cream have long been one of my all time favourite bands and in their short time together they released four studio albums with two containing live tracks. So just like a previous OPINION PIECE article where I ranked Beatles album, I thought I’d do the same with Cream. It’s important to mention that the ranking is my opinion only. Let me know your thoughts.

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CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES #11: Cream – Fresh Cream

fresh-cream-4f7bebff487b750 years ago today (9th December 1966), Cream released their debut album¬†Fresh Cream. It may not be their most accomplished album but in my eyes it’s still a landmark album that defined a new era of blues music. Unlike their later albums,¬†Fresh Cream doesn’t include any songs that would define a generation but what we have is a superb blues record, blended with aspects of rock which equals one of the best albums form the mid-60’s.

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