EP REVIEW: Margo Price – Weakness

DIGITAL-MargoPriceI first became aware of Margo Price when she performed on Later… with Jools Holland in 2016. I’m not really a huge fan of country music. It’s a genre I have tried to get into a couple of times but failed. However Margo Price’s combination of incredible music, songwriting and singer makes the genre a lot more appealing to me. And as a result, I absolutely love this EP.

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CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES #8: Dickey Betts – Highway Call

04228351152Released in 1974 after the huge commercial success of Brothers and Sisters by The Allman Brothers Band a year earlier, Highway Call was Dickey Betts’ first solo album which saw his sound and songwriting develop even more. In many ways it can be considered more of a natural successor musically than the somewhat disappointing Win, Lose or Draw album the Allman’s recorded a year later in 1975.

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The Allman Brothers Band Isolated Tracks: Jessica

Jessica, a song penned by Dickey Betts, featured on The Allman Brothers Band’s 1973 album Brothers and Sisters. With new member Chuck Leavell on keys, Jessica features Lamar Williams on bass after the death of Berry Oakley in November 1972. You can hear Lamar’s bass part in the third video. Chuck’s keys parts and the solo he plays in the song can be heard in the second video, his solo in particular being a real highlight when heard in isolated form. It’s without a doubt their most well known instrumental and listening to isolated tracks from the song is nothing short of magical.

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Allman Brothers Band Isolated Rhythm Track: Ramblin’ Man

Brothers And Sisters was the first album by The Allman Brothers Band that didn’t feature their former leader Duane Allman. The album, released in 1973, would also be the last album to feature bassist Berry Oakley and his playing on the Dickey Betts song Ramblin’ Man is the main focus of this article.

Ramblin’ Man saw the band take a new musical direction away from blues/rock that they had thrived and lived on under Duane’s leadership and introduced a number of country elements. The song was a huge hit and remains one of the most popular songs by the band to this day and also cemented Dickey Betts’ position as a songwriter in the band.

Take a listen:

As you can hear, Berry’s bass playing is nothing short of exquisite and showed what a masterful player he was. Most of the time when people listen to The Allman Brothers Band, they tend to focus on the guitar playing or the vocals yet the rhythm parts are often overlooked. They are some of the most important parts of the song and hearing them stripped back like this is wonderful.

Songs About You: An Interview With Dani Wilde

Dani Wilde is a wonderful singer/songwriter from Brighton who I have interviewed twice before. She is releasing her new album, Songs About You, today (1st April) and it was a pleasure to interview her again for a third time.

Before we begin talking about your new album, how are you and what have you been up to in the year since we last spoke? (Not including recording your new album of course!)

Well, I’ve been touring quite a bit in Europe. I was in Spain all of last summer with the Javier Vargas blues band. I guested on Vargas’ new album as part of a duet with Chris Jagger performing a cover of Freddie King’s ‘Palace Of The King’ in a studio in Madrid, which was lots of fun. I’ve also been out in Germany with my band lots and I played some shows in Moscow too which was an adventure. Other than that I’ve just been drinking too much wine and eating too much food over Christmas, roller-skating lots in my hometown ‘Brighton’ now the weather is picking up – oh, and my friend Tabitha Smith (awesome singer-songwriter who will be touring with me later this year) and I have joined a Russian Choir. I sing the high soprano parts. Classical music is a world away from the blues. The blues is my home but Russian choral music is a challenge and a new adventure; a good hobby! And I’ve been spending time at White Hart Lane cheering on Harry Kane and the most exciting football team in the world ‘Tottenham Hotspur’. When I’m on the road on long van journeys between cities, I’m to be found either buried in a good book or watching the football Premier League live on my phone. Is that rock n roll? 🙂

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