David Bowie Isolated Vocal Track: Ziggy Stardust

The second David Bowie isolated track article, after Space Oddity a few days ago, turns to the title track from his 1972 album: Ziggy Stardust. One of Bowie’s finest songs from this particular period of his career, what we have below is the full isolated vocal track from the song.

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David Bowie Isolated Vocal Track: Space Oddity

It’s only fitting that my next isolated track article be dedicated to the one and only David Bowie, who sadly passed away a few days ago on the 10th January. There are an almost uncountable amount of songs in his back catalogue which are instantly recognisable to the point where it couldn’t be anyone else, and Space Oddity is a song that fits the bill perfectly. What we have below is the isolated lead vocal track from that song, and it is spectacular.

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ALBUM REVIEW: David Bowie – Blackstar

1035x1035-51RHm9wIQOL._SL1500_David Bowie’s twenty-fifth studio album Blackstar has been one of the most highly anticipated albums since it’s announcement in October of last year, and it’s finally arrived. The days have certainly been counted down with eagerness since news first broke of a new Bowie album and since then we’ve been gifted with two fantastic songs, Blackstar and Lazarus. But ever since the album was announced there’s been an unspoken level of excitement everywhere you go that only someone as well known and respected as David Bowie could produce. The album couldn’t be anything but fantastic, right? Keep reading.

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