The Rolling Stones Isolated Vocal Track: Honky Tonk Women

Released as a single in 1969, the first to feature new guitarist Mick Taylor, Honky Tonk Women showed the world that the Stones had evolved since 1968’s Beggar’s Banquet. The song is probably most well known for featuring that incredible opening guitar riff but the vocals and the lyrics are themselves fantastic. What we have in this article are the isolated vocals from the entire song. Take a listen.

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Band Of Gypsys At Fillmore East: New Year’s 1970

On the 31st December 1969, a new Hendrix group would take to the stage for the first time at the legendary Fillmore East venue in New York City. Often referred to as Band Of Gypsys, the band consisted of Billy Cox on bass, Buddy Miles on drums and Jimi Hendrix on guitar. It had been over six months since the end of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Band Of Gypsys took Hendrix’s music in a new direction, mainly down to the different musical techniques of his two new band mates. The songs were funky and contained grooves that roamed around the auditorium. New songs were debuted with one in particular leaving a lasting impression that remains to this day. It could only happen at Fillmore East and it could only have been Hendrix.

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RARE FOOTAGE: Derek and the Dominos live at Fillmore East, October 23rd 1970

For whatever reason, Derek and the Dominos are one band where very little video footage exists from their time together and considering the Layla song and album are seen as some of the best music of all time, it’s mind blowing that very little is out there. To put it into perspective for you, there’s more footage of Duane Allman than there is of Derek and the Dominos…and there isn’t much of Duane. The only officially released video footage that exists is from their performance on The Johnny Cash Show on the 5th November 1970 and even then there are only two videos.

But that was an official TV performance. When it comes to actual live shows from their UK or US tours, there’s absolutely nothing which is a real shame. The only fan footage that does exist is from the 23rd October 1970 when they played two shows at the Fillmore East in New York City. You can check it out below.

Yes, I know that clip is 8 seconds in length but that’s all that exists of Derek and the Dominos outside of the Cash performances. That clip isn’t the full thing though, there’s supposedly around 40 seconds of footage out there which I’ve been told will be used in an upcoming documentary on Eric Clapton and his career. When that will be released I do not know but I can assure you that I am always looking for more previously unseen video footage while I’m writing my book on the band.

INTERVIEW: Willie Perkins

While writing a previous article on the three nights The Allman Brothers Band played at Fillmore East in March 1971, I spoke to Willie Perkins who was the road manager for the band between 1970-76 and 1983-89. It was an honour to talk with him and I thank Willie for taking the time to answer some questions.

When was the decision made to record a live album at Fillmore East in March ’71?

Probably late 1970. The two earliest albums while well received had not met sales expectations. It was felt a live concert recording would capture the true essence of the band and it did.

Who made the decision to invite the horns to play with the band?

Horns were a band decision. The two players, friends of Jaimoe, had performed live with the band at several concerts previously.

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Three Nights At Fillmore East: An Insight Into The Allman Brothers Band

The date was the 11th March 1971, and The Allman Brothers Band were in New York City to begin their three night stand at the legendary Fillmore East on Second Avenue near East 6th Street. Out of these shows would come the greatest live album ever released, At Fillmore East. The venue itself needs no introduction, it was simply where music royalty came to play.

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RARE FOOTAGE: Allman Brothers live at Fillmore East, March 13th 1971

For such a legendary run of shows, there really isn’t much in terms of photos and video footage from the March 1971 dates at Fillmore East. There are a few photos that have been around for a while but not as much as other shows, and considering At Fillmore East is one of the best live albums of all time, it’s mind boggling that there is such a lack of material. But this video was brought to my attention a few days ago by Mark Vormittag of the Duane Allman – Skydog Fan Page on Facebook and it appears to be (to me at least) new video footage from one of the March shows. Perhaps a few people have seen it before but I don’t think it’s been widely circulated.

Based on photos that do exist, most notably by photographer Eddie Berman, the footage is most likely from the 13th March as Duane is seen wearing the famous checked shirt. Sadly there is no audio but the video footage alone is enough to excite many fans, mainly because video footage of Duane Allman is a rare thing indeed.

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