BOOTLEG SERIES #20: Cream – New Haven Arena, New Haven, CT, USA // 11th October 1968

For the 20th instalment of my BOOTLEG SERIES I return to one of my favourite bands of all time, Cream, a band who have been the focus of four previous instalments in this series. This show at New Haven Arena in New Havan, CT from the 11th October 1968 is one of the farewell shows the band played on their last tour of the United States and unlike many recordings from this tour, the band appear to be just getting through the show. That said there are countless great moments on each song and they’re enjoyable to listen to.

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BOOTLEG SERIES #17: Elvis Presley – Robinson Auditorium, Little Rock, AR, USA // 16th May 1956

Wednesday the 16th May 1956 saw the one man hurricane Elvis Presley grace the stage at the Robinson Auditorium in Little Rock, Arkansas. It wasn’t the first time that Elvis had played the venue with his band but from this particular performance we’re extremely blessed to have a great recording to listen back to, especially one with such good quality given the amount of time that has passed since the show itself.

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