OPINION PIECE #6: Beatles Albums Ranked

The Beatles are one of my favourite bands so I thought I’d have a go at ranking their studio albums. There were eleven in total, not including Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine which aren’t considered “proper” albums or the US only releases that many of you reading this will know. The eleven albums that follow are their major albums, and the ranking is my opinion only. I go from “worst” to best. Let me know your thoughts.

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The Beatles Isolated Drum Track: Come Together

The opening song from Abbey Road is one of John’s finest moments on the album and I previously posted an isolated track article earlier this year featuring his isolated vocals from the song. However this article focuses instead on Ringo and his superb drumming. Below you can hear the full isolated drum track in its full glory. Take a listen:

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OPINION PIECE #1: Top 5 Favourite Studio Albums // 1960’s

For a new series of articles I pick my top five favourite albums from each decade from the 1960’s onwards. Starting with the 1960’s is exciting because it’s my favourite decade for music and it was going to be tough trying to narrow down my selection to only five albums. After careful consideration I was able to do it with the following five albums making the cut.

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The Beatles Isolated Bass & Drum Tracks: All You Need Is Love

My previous isolated track article focused on the orchestration from All You Need Is Love which provided a wonderful insight into George Martin’s contributions as the fifth Beatle. With this article we turn to the band themselves, the bass and drums to be specific. What we have below is the isolated bass with the drums from All You Need Is Love. Take a listen:

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