CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES #19: The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed

let-it-bleed-53f4b0f4ad525Released six months after the death of founding member Brian Jones, Let It Bleed saw The Rolling Stones evolve musically and set the foundation for their next four albums with replacement guitarist Mick Taylor. He only features on two of the songs on Let It Bleed but their sound over the next six years would change drastically compared to what came before and it all started with this legendary album.

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CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES #12: The Allman Brothers Band – The Allman Brothers Band

the-allman-brothers-band-57b56511e0e191969 saw the release of one of the most underrated blues/rock albums of all time, the self-titled debut from The Allman Brothers Band. It would take the release of their 1971 live album At Fillmore East for the band to get the recognition they deserved but their debut effort contains some fantastic music.

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The Rolling Stones Isolated Vocal Track: Honky Tonk Women

Released as a single in 1969, the first to feature new guitarist Mick Taylor, Honky Tonk Women showed the world that the Stones had evolved since 1968’s Beggar’s Banquet. The song is probably most well known for featuring that incredible opening guitar riff but the vocals and the lyrics are themselves fantastic. What we have in this article are the isolated vocals from the entire song. Take a listen.

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CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES #6: Blind Faith – Blind Faith

00602537803637-cover-zoom1969 saw the formation of one of rocks most underrated and under-appreciated supergroups in the form of Blind Faith. Formed by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood initially, bassist Ric Grech and drummer Ginger Baker would join a little later and the outcome of this musical melding of minds was their self titled album, Blind Faith, released in August 1969.

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John Lennon Isolated Vocal Track: Gimme Some Truth

Released in 1971 on John Lennon’s second solo album, Imagine, Gimme Some Truth is a song that Lennon wrote while he was still in The Beatles and there are a number of demo recordings of the song from the Get Back sessions in 1969. Lennon returned to the song a few years later, and what we have in this article is the isolated vocal track from the song.

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