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Derek and the Dominos: A Biography And Live Performance History will be the most in-depth book ever written on Derek and the Dominos. The Live Performance History part of the book will include fan accounts of each show and set lists to create a hugely in depth musical history of the band as well as information on each venue. The biography will start where the Dominos met and end when the second album sessions fell apart, covering the All Things Must Pass sessions, Layla album sessions, and more much.

Derek and the Dominos were an incredible band that are extremely underrated. Not only have not many books been written about them, but the band are still awaiting a nomination into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, something they have been eligible for since 1995.

This book will be the definitive book on Derek and the Dominos, the go to guide to their entire history.

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13 thoughts on “About The Book

  1. KevinWoods says:

    You should Also concentrate on Dr john album where the Dominoes played on a few tracks also when Eric was in France ……..where he played on Buddy guy album with junior wells and why Dave Mason left the band etc….really looking forward to you book


  2. Peter Grainger says:

    Hi Tom: I look forward to the book. ‘Layla’ is such a fantastic record. It still sounds exciting to me. Clapton was on fire. The band was so tight. Despite Jim Gordon’s problems with Clapton later in the Dominoes history, his drumming on the first set of sessions is incredible. Totally in the pocket and sympathetic playing– always serving the song. Carl Radle was so solid too. Bobby Whitlock was an excellent vocal sparring partner. That Sam & Dave call & response really set them apart at the time. Add Duane Allman to the mix and it is a match made in heaven. Have you read Jan Reid’s book?


  3. Jim S. says:

    Wow! ‘Layla’ is my fave album ever. As to seeing them live, alas I was ‘this close’ when they played the Fillmore East. Nobody I knew wanted to go and unlike now, I wasn’t comfortable going by myself. I actually kept the ad for the show for a while till it got old and tattered. I’ve read a ton of stuff about how Eric and Duane met, what the sessions were like, etc. Also saw the bio of Tom Dowd where he plays some of the individual tracks. I look forward to this book. I don’t see the release date anywhere so I’ll ‘like’ your FB page.


  4. Fabrizio Perissinotto says:

    Thanks for you great effort! They were really a band and not an Eric solo thing, people still tendo to forget it. Beyond the well known Duane factor, well examinated over many Allman related books, it’s really the three other guys that now deserve, finally, a much wider recognition. Bobby Whithlock passionate collaboration with Eric in writing and singing brought out some of the best song ever in the Clapton catalogue, and the way they sang with their hearts out is unmatched and with no comparison. And Carl Radle and Jim Gordon, with their already incredible CV behind their back, were such a unique rhythm section that made the music fantastic, flowing at their tempo and music approach as nothing ever since. In the following 45 years there has never been something similar to their music approach, and the fact is that paradoxically they have never been that much influential because their overall sound and approach, still fresh to these days, has always been almost impossibile to be imitated.


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