The Beatles Isolated Drum Track: Ticket To Ride

Released as a single in April 1965, Ticket To Ride hit #1 in the UK and USA and remained there for consecutive weeks. When you think of the song it’s probably not Ringo’s drumming that stands out the most, instead perhaps John’s vocals or George’s lead guitar work. But the following isolated track of the drums reveal Ringo’s steady drumming as the concrete foundation that all Beatles songs were built on. Check it out:

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Derek and the Dominos Book Update: April 2017

It’s been a few months since my last book update on my website and now is a very good time to give another. In a couple of weeks I will be moving permanently to the United States and as a result I will be visiting a number of venues where Derek and the Dominos played on tour in 1970, including the great Fillmore East. Obviously the auditorium is no longer there but I cannot wait to see where it was and soak up the atmosphere. I’ll also be visiting a number of others in the North East including the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester and the Onondaga War Memorial in Syracuse, now the Oncenter War Memorial Arena.

On top of that I am very excited to announce that I have been invited to appear on a radio station in America to talk about my biography on Derek and the Dominos. The station is dedicating a whole show to Derek and the Dominos and I am honoured to have been invited on to talk about them. I will share more with everyone when I know exact broadcast dates and where you’ll be able to download it, as it will be in podcast form too.

As every day passes I know this book will be a game changer when it comes to Derek and the Dominos, as I can promise you no other book on the band has ever been this detailed, in-depth and focused. I cherish every day I spend writing and cannot begin to express my gratitude to all of the people I have interviewed so far.

And to all of the countless messages and comments I receive on a daily basis from people around the world, thank you. I know a lot of you are waiting patiently for this book, and let me tell you with great certainly, it will be well worth it.

Thank you, Tom

Derek and the Dominos Book Update: December 2016

As 2016 comes to an end I want to again thank everyone for their constant love and support as I write my biography on Derek and the Dominos. I’m stunned by the amount of people who have been in touch with me this year and as a result the amount of unseen live photos of the band has doubled compared to this time last year. I hope to include as many of them in my book as possible.

The book is closer than ever to being published but more work needs to be done. I’m a person that thrives on things needing to be perfect and I wouldn’t want to release the book early by cutting corners and not making it as good as it deserves to be. I’m pouring everything I have into the book and I’m so excited for everyone to read it. There’s never been a book on Derek and the Dominos as detailed and in-depth as the book I am writing.

Thank you to EVERYONE who follows my Facebook and Twitter pages, thank you for your constant interactions on posts and debates. You’re all amazing and this book is for YOU.