SONG REVIEW: Mick Jagger – Gotta Get A Grip/England Lost

Mick Jagger hasn’t exactly had the most exciting solo career and sadly his two latest songs, Gotta Get A Grip and England Lost, are yet more proof that he should just stop and focus on The Rolling Stones. Take a listen:

Gotta Get A Grip just showcases how badly Jagger is without Keith Richards behind him. That’s something I really hate saying because he’s one of my all-time favourite songwriters and frontmen, but it’s true. This song contains nothing that resemblances any kind of excitement and the guitar work is trying way too hard to imitate Keith Richards, which it fails at spectacularly.

England Lost is more of the same. The lyrics are shocking and the music is just as bad.

The worst part about these two new songs? Mick probably thinks they are actually good, which they are not. So please, stick to The Rolling Stones. There’s a reason Keith Richards called your 2001 album Goddess In The Doorway, “Dogshit In The Doorway.”

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