The Beatles Isolated Guitar Track: Revolution

Revolution 1 is one of my favourite songs on The White Album which was later reworked into a faster, rougher version for a single. The guitar found in the single version is as loud and raw as The Beatles ever played with a tone that can cut through anything. Below is the full guitar track(s) from the song in isolated form. Hold on to something and take a listen:

Direct Link:

John and George both play guitar on the album and this track appears to contain both of them, although not always at once. This is without a doubt one of the best guitar tones you’ll ever hear in my opinion and hearing this rough track in isolated form is absolutely fantastic.

6 thoughts on “The Beatles Isolated Guitar Track: Revolution

  1. John Rogers says:

    Oh yeah. I’ve Always loved that guitar work on Revolution. It sounds like it’s being playes out of a small cheap amp with the volume all the way up, with a close mic. Distortion, at it’s Finest.!!


  2. Rick Spencer says:

    I always loved this song, especially the mono single version. Actually, I prefer the mono version instead of the stereo version. I still remember back in ’68, I was in a record store (Sam the Record Man) in Canada, buying Hey Jude. I was 11 years old and quite excited because I loved the song. As I was standing in line, an older man was complaining to the clerk about this single. He said the flip side (Revolution) was damaged. The clerk put the record on the turnstile and listened to it. The clerk told him there was nothing wrong with the record, it was guitar distortion. At that point, I picked up the 45, went home and played Revolution constantly, over and over. Drove my parents nuts. To this day, I still play it over and over. This time, I drive my wife nuts instead.


  3. Jaimie Vernon says:

    The distortion is from driving the guitars directly through the mix board and overdriving the pre-amps. George Martin and the Abbey Road staff employed by EMI warned the band that it would damage the mixboard. Lennon didn’t care and told them to charge any repairs to The Beatles. The effect worked and the board survived.


  4. bullseyecanada says:

    The distortion is from having Lennon and Harrison run their guitars directly into the mixing console and overloading the system’s pre-amps. George Martin and the EMI staff at Abbey Road studio warned them against doing this because it could destroy the entire recording system. Lennon insisted and told them to charge the Beatles for the cost of repair if he broke the console. They plugged the guitars in, the distortion worked and the console was no worse for wear.


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