SONG REVIEW: Paul McCartney – In The Blink Of An Eye

A new song by the legendary Paul McCartney has debuted from the soundtrack of a new animated movie called Ethel & Ernest. The song, titled In The Blink Of An Eye, is piano based and can be heard right here. Take a listen:

Direct Link:

The piano with string arrangement to start the song is breathtakingly beautiful, classic McCartney. The full band comes in roughly a minute later with the strings remaining in the background. It’s a nice little song which reminds me a bit of the song he wrote for the movie Everybody’s Fine in 2009. His ability to do things with chords and melody is impossible to replicate and there are a number of moments during this song that give me instant goosebumps just by the change of a chord. Incredible.


9 thoughts on “SONG REVIEW: Paul McCartney – In The Blink Of An Eye

  1. Phyllis Deluca says:

    As usual another classic. What is not to love. He can’t do anything wrong. He is magic and I love all that he has done. What a great musician . No one can be as good as him in my eyes. I seen him when he came here to philly from day one. Love his music and all his works. He is one in a million.


    • Pearl Heil Dolmatz says:

      Agree 150%. Sir Paul has been given such a musician gift. He loves to entertain the audience and let them enjoy themselves. He is a very special “young” man.


  2. Donna says:

    Omg how beautiful Paul’s music touches me like no other he is the magic I see inside of my life hart and mind he is gold and to me he can do no wrong. God bless you and keep u and all your family and friends safe and loved for ever . There are not enough words to say the greatness that is Paul McCartney


  3. CHRIS PARSONS says:

    There is great solace in this unexpectedly lovely piece. His music has been a constantly reassuring part of my 66 years. Thank you is too small a phrase. So glad I was born in time for the 60’s and the wonders that have followed.from this wonderful human being who has touched all our lives. Incredible.


  4. anthony gross says:

    Brilliant song for a fantastic film. McCartney’s best in many years and fit to stand alongside Yesterday and The Long and Winding Road. A triumph.


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