The Beatles Isolated Vocal Track: Penny Lane

Released as a double A-side single alongside Strawberry Fields Forever in February 1967, Penny Lane remains one of the most loved and favourite Beatles songs of all time. The joyful nature of the song is rooted in the incredible vocal performance by McCartney, of which you can listen to in isolated form right now. Take a listen:

Direct Link:

I’ve shared a number of isolated vocal tracks from Beatles songs this year but this one may well be the best, aside from the entire Abbey Road medley perhaps. What’s also great is being able to hear the flugelhorn part and the backing vocals so clearly, stripped away from the other instruments. Incredible. What a track.

15 thoughts on “The Beatles Isolated Vocal Track: Penny Lane

  1. mcettrick says:

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing. Fantastic new details to be heard on these vocals. One note on the instrumentation,that is a piccolo trumpet solo, not a flugelhorn.


  2. Brokelyn says:

    Beautiful. This is double tracked and synchronized though, right? If two people could lay down a track like this simultaneously and sound so perfect it would be incredible!


    • evanway says:

      Double-tracked means that the same person recorded the same vocal part twice, to get a “doubled” effect. So it wasn’t done simultaneously, it was Paul doing the take twice and they are played back together.


      • Mick says:

        More likely that it was copied onto a second track, and then those two tracks bounced together down to a third track. This way the effect is achieved without having to sing it exactly the same way twice.


  3. Bernie Chiaravalle says:

    Absolutely stunning! This may be my favorite Beatles record. So cool to hear the vocals isolated and the parts including the horn solo. This song gives me chills every time I hear it. Have you heard the remixed version on the latest 1 re-release? Just beautiful! Thank you!


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