Janis Joplin Isolated Vocal Track: Piece Of My Heart

Big Brother And The Holding Company were one of the hottest bands around during the mid-late 1960’s, driven by the explosive vocals of the one and only Janis Joplin. One of the most famous songs they recorded was Piece Of My Heart which in the nearly 50 years since has been associated almost exclusively with Joplin. What we have here is her isolated vocal track from the song, and it’s fantastic. Take a listen.

Direct Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txb7KmAQVmA

The band are still audible in the background but only just, as we’re treated to the full force of Joplin’s unique vocals. It’s difficult to think of any other singer with such a unique voice. There are a few that come to mind like Aretha Franklin and Mick Jagger but Janis Joplin was and continues to be the most recognisable and certainly the most powerful FEMALE singer in history. It’s wonderful to hear her isolated in this way.

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