Eric Clapton Isolated Vocal Track: Mean Old Frisco

Clapton released the song Mean Old Frisco on his 1977 album Slowhand but it’s a song that had been in his arsenal for quite some time as it had originally been recorded by Derek and the Dominos during the failed second album sessions of 1971. What we have below is the isolated vocal track from the 1977 Slowhand version.

Take a listen:

Direct Link:

Originally written and recorded by Delta bluesman Arthur Crudup in 1942, Clapton did what he always did (and continues to do) with blues standards and made Mean Old Frisco is own. If it weren’t for the lyrics you’d think the two versions were completely different songs.

This isolated track is really great to listen to and features some of Clapton’s best singing on the Slowhand album. It’s just a shame the Dominos never got around to properly completing their version, although there is a version available to listen to from their second album sessions.

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