The Jimi Hendrix Experience Isolated Guitar Track: Bold As Love

The Jim Hendrix Experience’s Axis: Bold As Love album saw Hendrix’s playing shift styles somewhat even though the album was recorded in the same year as his debut, Are You Experienced. The title track features beautifully delicate playing that could only be Hendrix and the full thing can be heard in isolated form right here.

Take a listen:

Direct Link:

Hearing a Hendrix isolated guitar track is nothing short of majestic and Bold As Love is no exception. The guitar is easily heard in the final studio version but it becomes even more bare and naked when it’s stripped of bass and drums. The tone is sublime to say the least and hearing it like this adds another dimension to an already stunning song.


8 Replies to “The Jimi Hendrix Experience Isolated Guitar Track: Bold As Love”

  1. I believe that I have heard a great deal of what Jimi has done. And it has all been lovely and very moving. As usual I will continue to listen to jimi hendrix.


  2. Without a doubt, my favorite Hendrix piece. From the melody, to the poetry of the lyrics, to the absolute shredding of that last part: his best guitar solo, imho. I’m surprised that this song has never received the love that others have.


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