The Beatles Isolated Vocal & Bass Tracks: Paperback Writer

Recorded on the 13th & 14th April 1966 and released as a non-album single a few months later, Paperback Writer is a McCartney number and features an incredible bass sound. What we have below is the isolated bass along with isolated backing vocals. Take a listen!

Direct link if needed:

The lead vocal bleeds through a little when you listen to this isolated track but that doesn’t take away any of the magic whatsoever. The backing vocals are exciting to listen to because you can hear John change the words to “Frère Jacques” mid-way through the song, as well as the general beauty of the backing vocals themselves.

The bass is played by Paul on his Rickenbacker and is one of the highlights of the song because of it’s thick and muddy sound. The loudness of the bass was gained by using a loudspeaker instead of a microphone in front of the bass amp. Utterly exquisite.


2 Replies to “The Beatles Isolated Vocal & Bass Tracks: Paperback Writer”

  1. Yep, speaker and microphones are both transducers . Geoff Emerick actually had a blame by EMI for doing that for “bad impedance matching”


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