The Jimi Hendrix Experience Isolated Guitar Track: Purple Haze

Released by The Jimi Hendrix Experience as their second single on the 17th March 1967, Purple Haze features some of the best guitar playing ever recorded. Hey Joe was the first single the band released but that was a cover, and Purple Haze was an original Hendrix number. What we have below is the isolated guitar track from the song and it is breathtaking!

Take a listen:

Hearing Hendrix’s isolated guitar playing is nothing short of majestic. The tone, the playing – it couldn’t be anyone other than James Marshall Hendrix. The three albums he released with the Experience are exceptional in every sense of the word but their debut contains some of the finest guitar tones of his short career with Purple Haze firmly leading the way.



One Reply to “The Jimi Hendrix Experience Isolated Guitar Track: Purple Haze”

  1. Fab … my ears pricked up in 1967 when I heard this and Manic Depression on the radio. It was plugged into all that had gone before but was a huge leap forward – daring, adventurous, playing with time – a revelation! Thanks for posting.

    By the way, your post doesn’t appear on the tag reader with 15+ categories/tags.


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