The Beatles Isolated Bass & Drum Tracks: All You Need Is Love

My previous isolated track article focused on the orchestration from All You Need Is Love which provided a wonderful insight into George Martin’s contributions as the fifth Beatle. With this article we turn to the band themselves, the bass and drums to be specific. What we have below is the isolated bass with the drums from All You Need Is Love. Take a listen:

All You Need Is Love is certainly one of the most recognised songs ever recorded so hearing instruments in their isolated form is absolutely magical. 1967 was a hugely experimental time for The Beatles and their studio songs show that, but stripped of Martin’s superb production are the band in raw form. The bass and drums isolated together sound fantastic here and give you a glimpse of the song without any orchestration. Of course a lot can be said about Martin’s production which was certainly second to none but underneath all of that were four guys at the top of their game.

One thought on “The Beatles Isolated Bass & Drum Tracks: All You Need Is Love

  1. ChelseaD says:

    It is just amazing, SO AMAZING – you can not keep a great song down. What technology and science goes into this thing called a ‘popsong’ or a ‘hit’ nowadays. We were in Nashville in one of the top of the line studios to record overdubs of harmonica. It’s like a spaceship, just to get a raunchy lo-fi sound on tape. And then I hear the backing track to this timeless song; one of the greatest of all times. And by today’s standards it’s a mess. You couldn’t put a clic to it. It is in 7/8. There’s bleedover from other tracks. Bass is barely present. Did I say it’s in 7/8? All you need is love. Ain’t it so?


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