The Beatles Isolated Orchestral Track: All You Need Is Love

George Martin’s contributions to The Beatles were unlike any other producer of the times, possibly of all time. The orchestral pieces you hear on songs like Something, Here Comes The Sun and Yesterday were thanks to Martin’s musical genius and the same can be said for All You Need Is Love. What we have below is the isolated orchestral track from that song with, take a listen:

Listening to isolated tracks like this show how important Martin was for The Beatles and their sound. Without him, many of their classic songs would sound a lot different.

3 thoughts on “The Beatles Isolated Orchestral Track: All You Need Is Love

  1. sertaneja says:

    I am not so sure about. Its possible, but we don’t know. All singers and bands need a record producer. And it is possible they would have found another as good as Martin. It never happened, so we can’t be sure. It is possible they could have sounded even better. But i think ( I am not sure) that Martin was perfect for the Beatles. It seems he could undersand them so well and would make their ideas a reality. John used to ask for surreal sounds. Martin could bring them. By the way, he was their producer since day one, so any of their songs, even the earlier ones had his participation. Not only the more elaborated ones. By the way, let’s not forget they were a team. Paul was really involved in the arrangements and going far. A comment like this one gives the wrong impression only George Martin was responsible for their sophisticated sound. Very untrue. They complemented each other. The French Anthem was The Beatles request, not Martins. B ut I know he was very calm and patient with those outrageous boys, and they used to get along really well.Much better than working with a Phil Spector that used to carry a gun and shoot.


  2. ChelseaD says:

    Other artists who worked with Martin said he was very intuitive – like the perfect producer. He knew your mind better than you. Couple that with the genius of John, Paul & George, and we had an alliance made in heaven. Just another one of those magical hook-ups that synced up to make the Beatles happen.
    I have read much about Martins arrangements; when he would go into specifics. I just love that. E.g. one thing I notice here in AYNIL is that the strings part is melodic in a classic manner. The instrumentation to. Yet playing right into it is this answering line to the vocals; right after
    “…all you need is love”, there is a bluesy inflected counter lone, played by saxophones! Start it all off with the Marseilles. Then shake it up, and serve with Lennon on top.


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