The Beatles Isolated Drum Track: Get Back

Some of my favourite isolated tracks to listen to are drum tracks, especially when it comes to Ringo Starr. His drumming is hugely underrated when discussing each member of The Beatles and their contributions to the band, but also in regards to best drummers of all time as well. What we have below is the isolated drum track from Get Back.

Take a listen:

This is definitely one of the better quality isolated tracks around even though there is some bleeding that occurs, especially with the vocals. But the drums themselves are incredible to listen to and certainly form the bedrock that the rest of the song is built on and when listening to them in isolated form they almost remind you of a train chugging along the tracks. It’s also important to note that this drum track appears to be from Let It Be…Naked version of the song. Either way, it’s fantastic.

2 thoughts on “The Beatles Isolated Drum Track: Get Back

  1. Jerome Jarvis says:

    Thanks again Tom, . . . My band SPOTT FARM did a note-for-note cover version of this song in the early 70’s so I had to make a deep study of Ringo’s drum part. None of the Beatle songs are easy to recreate but this one has such a unique rolling groove, unlike any other rock song I’d ever heard. Nice to hear it up close – very subtle.


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