The Beatles Isolated Bass Track: Hey Bulldog

Hey Bulldog features one of Paul’s most exciting bass parts from his time with The Beatles, and below we have that very bass track in isolated form. The song was recorded on the 11th February 1968 during a marathon 10-hour recording session, at the same time the band were being recorded for the Lady Madonna video. The song ended up being included on the Yellow Submarine soundtrack album released in January 1969.

Take a listen:

The drums bleed through a little but the bass is as clear as day and showcase Paul’s ability as a bass player perfectly. In many ways he’s seen more for his songwriting then his bass playing, but he is without a doubt one of the finest bass players in music history. His melodic playing is second to none.


7 thoughts on “The Beatles Isolated Bass Track: Hey Bulldog

    • Cindy Carlson says:

      I agree. I’m not even a musician, but I got this link from a musician friend. Paul is a very talented bass player, one of the best. Bootsy Collins, who has a different style of bass playing is very talented as well.


  1. ChelseaD says:

    They were doing so much pinging and splicing; it’s wild. I wonder what that very scary sound in the first half of the bridge is That echo-ey breathy sound.


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