The Beatles Isolated Strings & Synth Tracks: Here Comes The Sun

When it comes to The Beatles there have been numerous discussions on who the 5th Beatle was, and in my opinion that title is owned by the one and only George Martin. His experience and knowledge shines through on all of the songs he worked on with The Beatles but none more than the songs that contain an orchestral section. Here Comes The Sun is one of those, and it is spectacular.

Take a listen:

The orchestral parts you hear in this isolated track were recorded on the 15th August, with the final recording session taking place a few days later where George recorded the Moog parts you can also hear. The orchestral track is breathtaking in every sense of the word, with George Martin receiving all of the credit for it. It’s almost a different song without the basic band track (vocals, guitar, bass and drums) absent but the magic and the beauty remains.


6 Replies to “The Beatles Isolated Strings & Synth Tracks: Here Comes The Sun”

    1. Came across it randomly online Jimmy, hadn’t seen it before. It’s from the Abbey Road album sessions although unsure which track they were recording. Could have been Here Comes The Sun or Something.


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