The Beatles Isolated Drum Track: Something

I’ve posted a lot of articles that focus on isolated guitars, bass or vocals but isolated drum tracks are just as exciting to listen to, especially when Ringo Starr is involved. What we have below is the isolated drums from Something and hearing them in this way will blow your mind.

Take a listen:

Some people (for whatever reason) see Ringo as a simple drummer but listening to his drumming in an isolated form reveals how delicate his touch is and how unique his style is. Simple yet effective. It could only be Ringo. He does precisely what he needs to and that contributed so much to The Beatles and their sound just as much as John, Paul and George.

11 thoughts on “The Beatles Isolated Drum Track: Something

  1. peter lindroth says:

    I’m thinking about an observation made by Graham Nash on hearing The Beatles with Ringo for the first time: -¨It didn’t change their sound but it certainly changed their groove…¨
    (It’s in his book)


  2. Bob Conway says:

    I have heard it said that Ringo wasn’t a “Great Drummer” like Bonzo, Moon, Baker, Collins, or the Rush Drummer, sorry can’t remember his name, but he was the “BEST” drummer for the Beatles..and that’s all I ever need to know…the Best Drummer, for the Best Band ever…okey-dokey.


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