Band Of Gypsys At Fillmore East: New Year’s 1970

The four shows that Band Of Gypsys played at Fillmore East to bring in the New Year have rightly gone down as some of the best shows of all time, especially those on New Year’s Day itself. There were moments on New Year’s Eve where the band seemed to be lacking energy for whatever reason but on the whole every show was fantastic, as stated by the lucky devils I interviewed who were there to witness the shows for themselves. The music was funkier than that of the Hendrix Experience and while the drums may seem simple at times especially compared to Mitch Mitchell, the drums are a pivotal piece to the music that Hendrix was playing at this particular time. The Band Of Gypsys wouldn’t last for much longer with their final show coming less then a month later at Madison Square Garden in New York (Hendrix would leave the stage after just two songs and Miles would be fired backstage) but the music the band played at these four shows was and continues to be nothing short of exceptional.

There are certain artists who played certain shows with certain performances that will always be remembered, and that is certainly the case with the Band Of Gypsys at Fillmore East.




Acknowledgements: Bob Feldman, Patti Firrincili, Roy Forest, Tony Fradkin, Martin Kahn, John Koons, Bobby London, Ian Lowell, Steve Newman, Mark Waldrop, Jerry Wilder.
Photo Credits: Featured Image: Photo by Amalie Rothschild. Page 3: Photo of ticket stub by Patti Firrincili. Page 5: First photo by Joe Sia. Second photo by an unknown photographer, possibly Joe Sia. Third photo by Amalie Rothschild.

One thought on “Band Of Gypsys At Fillmore East: New Year’s 1970

  1. Jerry says:

    I found that album one night at a friend’s house band of gypsies and it happened to be my birthday and for some reason I couldn’t stop listening to ” who knows “and it just kept going over and over in my mind into the next day and to this day I guess it’s somewhat obscure but it’s one of my all-time favorites Who knows by Jimi Hendrix.


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