The Beatles Isolated Bass & Drum Track: Hello, Goodbye

Released in November 1967 as a single, alongside I Am The Walrus, Hello, Goodbye remains one of the most popular and well known Beatles songs to this day. The song was also the first single release after the death of Brian Epstein. What we have here is the bass and drums isolated in one track and the results are breathtaking.

Take a listen:

McCartney’s bass playing in the full version is without a doubt one of the highlights of the track so hearing the bass stripped back like this is a wonderful treat. It could only be Paul McCartney playing it. The drums highlight Ringo’s ability to lay down something so effortless and enjoyable to listen to, especially as the drums are so clear alongside the bass.


One Reply to “The Beatles Isolated Bass & Drum Track: Hello, Goodbye”

  1. This is a real treat for me.A little busy at the moment but I shall return to listen to my favourite drummer and I had realized just what a master bassist Paul is.


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