David Bowie Isolated Vocal Track: Space Oddity

It’s only fitting that my next isolated track article be dedicated to the one and only David Bowie, who sadly passed away a few days ago on the 10th January. There are an almost uncountable amount of songs in his back catalogue which are instantly recognisable to the point where it couldn’t be anyone else, and Space Oddity is a song that fits the bill perfectly. What we have below is the isolated lead vocal track from that song, and it is spectacular.

Have a listen:

Direct link if embedded video doesn’t work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNxvkqstr6A

Space Oddity is one of my favourite songs by Bowie and hearing the lead vocals isolated in this way is nothing short of sublime.

This is the first of several David Bowie isolated track articles I will post in the coming weeks.



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