The Beatles Isolated Vocal Track: Oh! Darling

As the fourth track on Abbey Road, Oh! Darling contains an incredible vocal performance from Paul McCartney which is arguably one of his all time best. Originally demoed during the Get Back sessions, it wasn’t until the 20th April during the Abbey Road sessions when The Beatles properly started to record the song. The song itself is fantastic but the vocals, as you’ll hear, are exceptional.

Have a listen:

Paul’s vocals are what you’d expect and when the song was being recorded he went to Abbey Road in the mornings before the other Beatles arrived to attempt the perfect take:

Paul came in several days running to do the lead vocal on Oh! Darling. He’d come in, sing it and say, ‘No, that’s not it, I’ll try it again tomorrow.’ He only tried it once per day, I suppose he wanted to capture a certain rawness which could only be done once before the voice changed.

– Alan Parsons // Engineer

Paul’s perfectionist nature did good in the end with Oh! Darling standing out as one of his finest ever vocal performances. As far as isolated vocal tracks go this has to be one of the best. Fantastic.

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