The Allman Brothers Band Isolated Tracks: Jessica

Jessica, a song penned by Dickey Betts, featured on The Allman Brothers Band’s 1973 album Brothers and Sisters. With new member Chuck Leavell on keys, Jessica features Lamar Williams on bass after the death of Berry Oakley in November 1972. You can hear Lamar’s bass part in the third video. Chuck’s keys parts and the solo he plays in the song can be heard in the second video, his solo in particular being a real highlight when heard in isolated form. It’s without a doubt their most well known instrumental and listening to isolated tracks from the song is nothing short of magical.

What we have below is each instrument isolated, from guitars, keys, bass and drums, each of them magical in their own way. Take a listen for yourselves.

With an instrumental as good as Jessica, it’s absolutely beautiful to hear each instrument isolated like this. All of them together form one fantastic song but hearing each instrument by themselves really opens the song up more than ever before and enables you to take each instrument in fully. Exquisite.


4 thoughts on “The Allman Brothers Band Isolated Tracks: Jessica

  1. Neil Elsohn says:

    I look forward to each and every post you do. Thank you so much for including me. Ever since the brothers started playing I have been a consistent listener and fan.


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