SONG REVIEW: David Bowie – Lazarus

A second song from Bowie’s next album Blackstar has emerged and just like the title track that was released last month, it’s a cracker. Lazarus is the third song on the album and is absolutely exquisite in every sense of the word.

Roughly a month ago the audio was released in a simple audio video but as of today there is an official music video which is just as haunting and mystifying as the Blackstar video that was released last year.

Take a gander:

Official video (single version):
Album version:

The middle section which kicks in at 2:46 is particularly gorgeous, one of those goosebumps moments for sure. Lazarus is one of those songs you think you know what to say about it but when the time comes (like right now) the words fail to materialise. It’s that good. Just put it on repeat and listen.

With every song that’s released from his new album you can’t help but get the feeling it’ll be a classic. Everything about this song is perfect just like the title track was and because the album was so unexpected in the first place, the magic is unlimited.


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