SONG REVIEW: M. Ward – Girl From Conejo Valley

It’s been three years since M. Ward released his last album, A Wasteland Companion in 2012. In that time he has been in full She & Him mode with their 2013 album Volume 3 and 2014 album Classics but finally a new album from Ward as a solo artist (his ninth overall) is on the horizon. More Rain is scheduled for release in March 2016 but a song from the album, Girl From Conejo Valley, has been released and it is fantastic.

Have a listen:

The song has everything you’d expect from Ward as a songwriting and musician. He has a certain sound which includes reverb drenched guitars and beautiful melodies and Girl From Conejo Valley contains them in abundance. The song is incredibly infectious from the moment you hit play and when you finish listening, I guarantee you’ll want to listen to it several more times.



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