The Beatles Isolated Vocal Track: Come Together

Originally written as a campaign song for Timothy Leary who was running against Ronald Reagan for Governor of California, Come Together was then recorded with The Beatles for the Abbey Road album when Leary was jailed for drug possession. The song is one of John’s most well known tracks and features lyrics from Chuck Berry’s song You Can’t Catch Me, something he was later sued for in 1973.

One of the more intriguing vocal takes from the Abbey Road album, the isolated vocals from Come Together feature a number of things that aren’t as audible in the final album version. Take a listen for yourself.

(Video may be blocked in the USA, apologies for any inconvenience)

It’s well known that John Lennon sings “shoot me” during the opening section which isn’t entirely audible in the album version, but you can hear it as clear as day on the isolated track. The pants during the solo section are clear to hear as well and really indicated the direction that John was going in at the time, musically. Paul supplies backing vocals throughout the song although these were added at a later date after John had recorded the final vocal take. Paul has stated over the years that he wished he could have sung his parts live at the same time as John did but ended up having to overdub them instead.

It’s a fantastic vocal track and gives you more and more enjoyment every time you listen to it. You can’t beat Beatles isolated tracks.

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