EP REVIEW: Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia

12239135_10156201108870545_1945821508595773683_oRecorded in the The Saint Cecilia Hotel in Austin, Texas, the entire EP came about naturally. The band eyed up playing in a studio next door but the staff at the hotel insisted they could record in the hotel itself. The bar, the office, the kitchen, the bathroom, wherever they wanted. So they did. The result is a 5 track EP called Saint Cecilia.

Saint Cecilia is the opening track and acts as a fantastic introduction to the EP, setting up the listener for what follows. It’s a classic Foo Fighters song in terms of catchy hooks, infectious melodies and impressive riffs. Sean is the second track and you can tell instantly that it would fit effortlessly on the There’s Nothing Left To Lose album from 2000. It’s certainly a highlight from the whole EP.

  1. Saint Cecilia
  2. Sean
  3. Savior Breath
  4. Iron Rooster
  5. The Neverending Sigh

Savior Breath sounds like it could be a throwaway from the One By One album from 2002 when you listen to it. The vocals on that album had a particular sound and that sound is present in this song. It’s a great, fast paced track with those Foo Fighter riffs from start to finish. Iron Rooster is slower than the three previous songs on the EP but none of the energy that has been present on the EP so far is lost. It’s a great track with a lot going on musically. The Neverending Sigh is a song, according to Grohl, that was first thought up over 20 years ago which suggests it was written during the sessions for their debut album Foo Fighters in 1995. The music itself certainly shows this because the song has that classic Foo Fighters sound, the sound that couldn’t be any other band.

Overall it’s a fantastic release by the Foo Fighters which certainly makes up for the disappointing Sonic Highways album that was released last year. The Foo Fighters have a sound that everyone knows and Sonic Highways was missing it completely, but this EP has it in abundance. The tracks themselves are extremely catchy and the musicianship between the band members is second to none, as you’d expect from the Foo Fighters. Whether or not the band will take a hiatus or not, as Grohl suggested in an open letter to fans, we’ll have to wait and see. But when they return they can do so knowing that the foundations are set for another exciting musical chapter.


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