The Beatles Isolated Vocal Track: In My Life

There really is nothing better than listening to isolated tracks from Beatles songs and In My Life is no different. One of Lennon’s most well known songs, In My Life features on the landmark album Rubber Soul released in 1965 and showcases some of the best songwriting he had to offer.

The song is a classic which is saying something considering how many classic songs The Beatles have in their catalogue. Take a listen to the isolated vocal track right here:

Paul and George supply backing vocals on this track and you can hear them talk during the section of the song with the piano solo, which was actually played by George Martin and not one of The Beatles. You can also hear how effective the process of double tracking the vocals is, especially towards the end when John hits that high note. Double tracked vocals were common in Beatles songs during this period and you can really get a feel for them here with the instruments stripped away.

Just like in previous articles on isolated Beatles vocals that I have talked about, there’s a beauty in their singing that remains underrated to this day. You can’t not enjoy listening to this particular isolated track.



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