The Beatles Isolated Vocal Track: Something

In my previous ‘Isolated Track’ entry I talked about the Abbey Road Medley and featured isolated vocals from the entire thing which was fantastic. Staying with the same album, Something has a wonderful vocal part.

One of the things that immediately stands out is the guitar solo section. Of course being an isolated vocal track you don’t actually hear the guitar as you normally would but you can make out Paul singing along to the solo which George had laid down before singing the final vocal take. It’s a nice moment because you don’t actually hear it in the finished song but it’s there. The backing vocals/harmony sections are gorgeous as well and these were done by Paul, as can be heard in the recording. Take a listen:

Something is arguably George’s best or at least most well known self-penned Beatles song and hearing the vocals laid bare like this certainly makes listening to the song more special. It’s great to hear how things sound by themselves.


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