The Beatles Isolated Vocals & Strings: She’s Leaving Home

Released on 1967’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, She’s Leaving Home is definitely one of the stand out tracks from that period and a track where none of the Beatles actually play any instruments. Instead, the song’s musical foundations are a string section which Paul (backed by John) sing over and the result is simply breathtaking.

The isolated tracks really open up the song and allows you hear things you may not have heard when listening to the studio songs. The vocals for examples contain breathing and studio noises and the strings allow you to listen to the song as Paul would have heard it whilst laying down his vocals. What’s also exciting is that you can hear where Paul double tracked his vocals and the magic only grows when John joins in with the backing vocals.

Take a listen for yourself:


The strings arguably form one of the most beautiful pieces of music in the Beatles entire recording history. Paul originally intended for George Martin to arrange the string parts but the job ultimately fell to Mike Leander as Martin was not available, although he did produce the song. Take a listen to the isolated strings here, but prepare to be blown away:


Out of all the isolated tracks I have covered on my website so far, this one is by far the most magical to listen to and really show the genius behind the Beatles. There was no-one like them and there hasn’t been anyone like them since.


One thought on “The Beatles Isolated Vocals & Strings: She’s Leaving Home

  1. Patti says:

    I ran across this blog rather serendipitously, and as a result have been blissfully listening to different Beatles isolated tracks for quite a while tonight. The isolated string track to She’s Leaving Home took me back close to half a century and brought tears to my eyes. I agree wholeheartedly with the Ned Rorem remark on the video that this song is every bit as good as anything Schubert wrote…and as a professor of vocal studies, I’m a huge Schubert fan, and needless to say, a longtime fan of the Beatles as well. Thank you for these wonderful posts! They reaffirm why I’ve never stopped loving this music that I was fortunate enough to experience when it was new and somehow miraculous, unlike anything else I’d ever heard.


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