The Rolling Stones Isolated Vocal Track: Gimme Shelter

When you think of songs that could be considered the best of all time, Gimme Shelter should be close to the top of your list. It encapsulates everything a great song should be. The word epic is suitable in this case and one of the finest things about the song are the wonderful vocal performances from Mick Jagger and guest vocalist Merry Clayton.

In the video below, both vocal parts have been completely isolated from the rest of the music and the result is simply spectacular. Take a listen for yourself:

Direct Link:

Merry Clayton’s vocals are absolutely incredible and are an integral part to the greatness of Gimme Shelter. However there’s a part of the song where her voice cracks hitting a high note (“…rape, murder…”) and that cracking moment was believed to be the moment she went too far which then resulted in the miscarriage she suffered when returning home after the session.

As you may be aware from my past entries, I love hearing isolated tracks whether they are vocals, guitars, piano, bass or drums. This is by far one of the best around and really opens up the song from a listeners point of view.

3 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones Isolated Vocal Track: Gimme Shelter

  1. Nancy Hutcherson says:

    I love following all the isolated tracks you present here. The story about Merry Clayton hitting the high notes on Gimme Shelter is so impactful. Thank you for giving those of us who follow this site a feeling of being in the studio with these wonderful musicians.

    Liked by 1 person

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