Paul McCartney Isolated Tracks: Maybe I’m Amazed

The next instalment of my Isolated Tracks series focuses on one of Paul McCartney’s all time best songs which featured on his 1970 album McCartney. Maybe I’m Amazed is certainly the stand out track from his debut solo album, although songs like That Would Be Something, Every Night, Junk and Teddy Boy are certainly stand out songs too. But Maybe I’m Amazed has it all.

The vocal part of this song is arguably one of the best he ever laid down on any track and hearing it isolated away from the other instruments is quite remarkable and gives it even more power than it has in the standard song. The chorus in particular never fails to send a tingle down the spine so hearing it stripped away like this is amazing.


Paul’s solo guitar parts in Maybe I’m Amazed are exquisite and show what a talented multi-instrumentalist he is, of course he played guitar for years before moving to bass in The Beatles although he would continue to play guitar when needed. What you have here is each solo and the bits in between, imperfections and all.


From the mid-late 60’s period of The Beatles, Paul proved that he was also a master at piano playing with songs like Let It Be, Good Day Sunshine and The Long And Winding Road (to name just a few) but Maybe I’m Amazed, at least to me, is his finest accomplishment on the piano. When listening to the full track it’s without a doubt the stand out part (not including the fine vocals already mentioned) and hearing the piano stripped away like this is nothing short of majestic. Of course you can also here some faint vocals in the background which which most likely bled through to the piano microphone.


Paul’s bass parts in The Beatles were often quite complex yet effortlessly simple sounding but the bass in Maybe I’m Amazed takes a much more standard approach. The drums are also pretty simple as can be heard in the final video.



Maybe I’m Amazed is certainly in my top 5 favourite songs that Paul has done as a solo artist and hearing the isolated tracks really adds another dimension to the song for me. The vocals and piano parts in particular were breathtaking to listen to on their own and when all the parts are put together to form the full song, it’s certainly a fantastic piece of work. 1970 saw the beginning of a new McCartney in many ways where he was able to make music on his own terms without having to rely on others. 1970’s McCartney album was the first step along a new path which would see him form a new band, Wings, but only after recording arguably his finest solo album ever, RAM, in 1971.

Isolated tracks like these really add to the importance of great songs and Maybe I’m Amazed is up there with the best.


15 thoughts on “Paul McCartney Isolated Tracks: Maybe I’m Amazed

  1. Art says:

    sorry to say I never realized he did this by his self. the best band of there time and still holding strong if you really hear there messages. I feel they as a group developed a mind set that lead to who we are today.


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